Understanding Casino Payouts

Casino payouts are a very intriguing and confounding question. Gamblers use this word in various contexts. One such notion is that if a player deposits 100$, he will average a loss of 3$ if the online casino has a payout rate of 97%. This is a common misconception. Another misconception is that a payout percentage of 95%, for example, means that the player will get 95% of the money. These are some misconceptions that article will clear.

It should be understood that players always prefer a good payout percentage, which is considered as 95% and above. Such payouts are highly lucrative.

What is the meaning of Payout Percentage?

casino payoutIn an online casino when people make different bets the combined percentage of bets that are returned by the site to the players is defined as the payout percentage. Thus, if a collection of 100,000$ is wagered by players in a particular period of time, 97,000$ is returned to the players while 3000$ is won by the company if the payout percentage is 97%. Although this is similar to the concept that if you wager 100$ through this site, the probability of you winning is 97%. But this is a wrong concept. Aggregate bets made by thousands of different customers is taken into consideration while calculating the payout percentage.

Sometimes players at the casino tables are talking about payout ratios of a particular table. They are actually talking about individual hands and whether the payout ratio is worth it.

Different types of Payouts:

The payout system is flexible and different for each game. The factors that decide the payouts is decided by two factors: nature of games and the nature of the software installed. If a particular game has a higher payout then there exists a game on the same website with a lower payout.

  • Payouts for skill based games:

Usually online casino games like baccarat and roulette are luck based games. These games involve luck. But skill based games like poker and blackjack are controlled mostly by the user. Opportunities are given to the player to change his luck. Hence the payout rate for this game is usually dependent on the user. The player can play smartly by bluffing and betting proper amounts to earn a handsome profit for most of the time.

  • Is the game random or weighed?

Random means that when you play any game online, the result is not biased or does not have any particular pattern. Whereas as weighted means that the system follows a particular protocol that delivers a preconceived outcome when averaged. This tactic is followed by many online casinos which guarantee a payout percentage of 95% or above.

  • Is the game rigged?

This is another question, one has to find the answer to before playing. Some payouts can be rigged by the owners. This cannot be proved but one can get additional information on the online casino on the internet written by their previous clients.

These were the different factors that affect the payout percentage of the online site.


Online Casinos And How They Have Improved

Online gaming has been here for a very long time since the early 90s. The games have gained popularity over time since then as technology keeps advancing each day. Most of the online casinos have boosted their technology, thus offering better quality games having amazing graphics, sound effects and animations.

casino gamesThe early online casinos were simply characterized by slow and less enticing five reel slot machine. The games were also less in number, hence very few to choose from unlike today where thousands of online casinos are available for playing. The games today are advanced versions making them quite appealing while playing them from the comfort of your home. It is true that the industry is fast advancing and changing to cater for the needs of all players across the world. From movies turned into real slot machines, you can imagine what is in store for you.

Video poker and live blackjack

Poker games are now referred to as games of the past. Live poker is what people now enjoy right from amateur players to experts according to the level of skill and expertise in the games. While online gambling took over, more features have been introduced over time to make the experience even more thrilling and touchy for instance the introduction of the chat feature where the players can interact with other players from different parts of the world. This is a feature that makes the game even more lively and real right from the comfort of your home. While the players had to travel all the way to casino centers to enjoy their favorite games, you can now have the experience right at your desk.

Online Scratch cards

Scratch cards are no longer bought from local stores! They are rather played online. Online casinos are actually getting better with each passing day; that is the truth. By playing cheap and affordable scratch cards you have a chance to become the elite player many people admire to become. It is a whole lot entertaining as you play your favorite game online.


Many online casinos today offer this feature as an incentive to attract more players into playing a specific game. The casinos in the past lacked this amazing feature where players get a chance to earn more while playing online casino games. With these bonus games, players are usually stuck on the game for longer hours than when playing without any bonus. On the other hand, players have a higher chance to make bigger winnings while playing online casinos with bonuses. While selecting the best casino to play, always check out on this amazing feature.

Banking and security

Issues of insecurity and fraud were common with the early casinos online, but this is no longer the case as each game is now launched online with extensive banking and security measures. By having strict regulations on these games, it is no longer risky to play online with money from your account. Your private information is always kept private and that means you are safe from any form of online fraud cases.

A lot has really changed with time as regards to online casino games. Lots of options have been brought forward for you to choose from and for sure things have changed for the better. While enjoying your favorite game from the comfort of your home, you have the opportunity to have fun and make money like you were in a real casino center.

Is It Possible to Win at Online Casinos?

There are quite many tips and strategies employed by slot machine players so as to win big in the end. But, are all the tips employed effective in helping you hit the jackpot or win onlinepokies250higher profits? Slots are actually the easiest games played in casinos. Simply make a bet, insert your coins and pull the handle, then wait for the results. It might be disappointing or amazing for you depending with the results. You need to be an instant winner with online slot machines and sure the tips discussed here will help you a great deal to overcome a house edge.

Identify the Right Slot Machine

This is actually the main skill you need to win big in slot machines. It is that simple! There are many slot opportunities out there and you need to look out for the best of all. You need to consider the payouts from each slot machine before engaging yourself with any play. Such details are crucial for you as a player to consider before you go ahead to play a specific slot machine.

Enquire From the Slots Supervisor

Before playing any slot machine, you need to have some details about the machines. You can only have answers to your questions by asking the slots machine employee or supervisor. You should first of all ask for the slot machine with the highest payout percentage. It is possible that the highest paying back machines are never advertised and probably there might be only one of these kinds in the whole casino. The employees and supervisors of the casino may be the only ones with such information and could thus help you identify the right machines to play with. A machine with a poor return is not worth playing; you should therefore keep looking for the right machines that give a more than 95% payback on your bankroll. Machines with least value coin usage have actually proved to be better in offering good payouts as compared to those with high value coin usage.

Cash Out Winnings From Time To Time

You should never put your winnings back for more profits instead cash them out after accumulating for some time. It is possible that slot machines zero you out sooner than you expect and this will result to bigger losses. Cashing out the winnings will thus help you save some cash.

Avoid Some Slot Machines Locations

Easily spotted slots machines are quite ineffective and have a poor payback record. The kinds of slot machine to avoid by all means are such as those located at airports, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Such machines are said to be so tight, meaning the probability of winning is extremely low.

Check Out For Better Games

Other than slot machines, you can opt for other well paying types of games such as video poker whose worst run pays back better than most slot machines. It is therefore upon you to analyze your preferences before choosing the type of game you wish to play with.

Always Retrieve Your Stored Credit When Leaving the Casino

Many people forget to do this just to realize that their money was lost. Before leaving a casino site, you should press the cash out button to withdraw your stored credit then walk away.

Avoid Progressive Video Slots

These are considered worse than slots machines because they offer very low winning percentages. This is actually because all bets in progressive machines get added to the jackpot prize. All progressive machines in the casino are interconnected and sometimes with other machines in other casinos. Hitting the jackpot could be a real life changer, but honestly what is the possibility? If you want to try playing with progressive machines, simply set some cash aside from your bankroll and play the rest with other machines. You should never put all your eggs in the same jackpot. As much you should not completely avoid the progressive machines, be cautious when playing the machines. This way, you could increase your chances of winning tremendously.

Many Australian players enjoy the possibility of  playing pokies online instead of using the land based slots popular in so many pubs throughout the country. The benefits of playing online are multiple, for example, there are many more options of pokie games to choose from. If you wish to play at a pub, your options are limited the games that are available at that specific venue, but if you play online, you are always presented with the full catalogue of pokie games available 24/7 whether you want to play in your desktop computer, laptop, android device, ipad or iphone.

Non-progressive machines may have lesser amounts when it comes to hitting the jackpot, but guarantee frequent winning chances which you could take part in to constantly win instead of waiting hopefully for the jackpot in progressive machine which you are not even sure you will win. There are more strategies you could employ while playing slot machines so that you can win big and sure the ones mentioned here will come in handy the next time you get to the casino to play slot machines.

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