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Facebook is the number one social networking site around the world. Everybody knows it and almost everyone has an account to it. The main reason of Facebook is to easily be connected to other people whether they are your old friends from elementary or your relatives from far place. Facebook connects people and it helps in keeping the relationship active. However, don’t you know that aside from social networking you can also use Facebook for your gaming activities? Games are part of socializing and you can play with your Facebook games with your friends. You can invite them to play with you, send gifts, challenge them or even compete with them. So have you tried the games at Facebook? Here, I’ve listed down some of the best games that you can play at this site.

The first one I got is Farmville. It is a fun game from Zynga, it captured attentions from kids to their mommies. This game is about farming and putting up a farm. You’ll be challenged to plant, seed, and harvest to make your farm grow and grow. You can help your friends to their farms as well, you can send gifts, but before you can do that you must invite your friends to play Farmville so you will have neighbors that you can send gifts or they can send gifts to you.

Next in line is Cityville, another addicting game from Zynga. The objective of the game is building roads, railroads, schools, businesses and other things that can be found in the city; in short the game goal is to build a city.

Mafia wars is another thrilling and addicting game that you can play in Facebook.  The goal of t he game is to create a mafia who needs to be master in earning cash, to grow his criminal career and to hire more mafia members. Guys are much into this game than boys because many girls are caught with salon games, or restaurant games that they can also be played at FB.

Another is, draw my thing. This game is challenge and thrilling game. If you love guessing game this one will catch your attention for sure! The game is about guessing, the other player will draw while others will guess.

Zoo world is another cute game that has been discovered and designed by RockYou. If you love animals this game will surely captured your heart. This game is about buying animals, hiring some staff, and placing everything the way you wanted. Make your zoo bigger, make your animals healthier, and be successful with your zoo while socializing with your friends.

Next is diamond dash. This game is the game that my sisters, nephews, niece, cousins are playing. They love it much and they are very addicted to it.  The game is from Wooga and it’s about matching the diamonds and hitting the score within the time frame. The game is simple yet challenging and enjoyable.

Whatever the game that you’ve chosen, I’m sure that you will enjoy it as long as you choose the one that you really like and not just because you followed your friends to it, however you will enjoy the game much better if you join and invite your friends.

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