Best Android Casino Games to Consider

Google at last did it! They created an operating system that provides amazing mobile apps and game play by a variety of mobile casinos now doing the rounds in the market place. android gamesThere are hundreds of Android phones in the market which even makes it had to guarantee the mobile casino games will work with all of them. But because the android smart phones are faster and better, mobile slot games have been introduced to play for more than 90% of these android devices. The latest operating software is such amazing that the most trending android casino games are played with ease by all the fun across the world. With the invention of this android software, you can now enjoy your favorite mobile casino game on your smart phone with other players you meet virtually over the internet. Though at first the games may sound childish and time wasting, in the end you are truly bound to appreciate the brilliance and excitement of the game.

Among the several casino games in the android market, you can have a pick of the top five mentioned below for play:

  • Texas Hold’em poker

This poker game is played online from any part of the world. This game application is free and one of the favorite android casino game to end your day. Get a chance to challenge your friends in this game and have the best experience. Unlike a live poker game, in this online game, you can select any table where you will meet with new people from various parts of the world. You can as well play the game from a VIP table or casual table. Winning in the game gives you a chance to show your chip rankings and a gift shop for your decorating your seats.

  • Live Hold’em poker pro

poker onlinePoker is a game that keeps trending in the micro-gaming market like no other game. Among the several poker games you can enjoy with real players is this one, Live Hold’em poker pro. Getting this game’s application is all you need to experience a thrilling game with your competitors from across the world as a new player, you are awarded with 12 thousand worth of free chips and 1000 diamonds upon registration. As a daily player, you earn yourself 5000 more. This is a free android casino game that should get you off your evening boredom more especially after a long and stressful day at work. Are you looking forward to make new friends to chat with online via a game of your choice? I assure you, this is the game that offers you that opportunity. There are several features that you can’t wait to experience in this game; just try it out now!

  • Live black jack

This is yet another popular android casino game that you can’t wait to play via your Android smart phone. You can as well play this game for free via your Android Smartphone challenging your friends on social sites such as Facebook after linking your account. Playing the game offers you bonus chips and still get a chance to track your performance in relation to other online players.

  • Pocket bingo pro

Among the best android casino games trending online is the pocket bingo pro. Downloading an Android application to your smart phone gives you a chance to play this amazing game that every online player wants to play when free. Just like in the real bingo, this application will guarantee you the same experience.

  • Baccarat

This card game has also found its way to the top of the list of the most sought android casino games. You can choose either the banker or player hand and enjoy the play by betting on one hand or tie. If you are among the hardcore online casino players then you can’t wait to play this game that is one of the best in the android market.

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