Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

Untamed Wolf Pack
Microgaming is one of the leading casino game makers in the world. Most of their games touched the glory and the ‘wolf pack’ of the untamed series is not an exemption. The untamed series were one of the blockbuster casino games the world had ever seen. The DNA of the wolf pack is same as other untamed series but integrated with certain new features. In this review article, we will deal with the basics and the features of the untamed wolf pack.


The best part of the untamed wolf pack is that it is quite economical and easy to play. A great graphic experience is waiting for you, as this game will take you through amazing hills and mountains, icy arctic geographies, mind-blowing sceneries. However, the most exciting part is its gaming experience and the winning chances. If you are serious about casino game and really want to gain some good cash then this game is for you because it has an amazing 243 ways to win.

This game is integrated with advanced graphical interfaces that considerably lowered its loading time. The reflex – response rates are admirable and you will have a ‘faster’ gaming experience while giving you much time to take decisions. You will enjoy this drive because your patience is never questioned in the untamed wolf pack.

If you are playing its online version, you will hardly find a negative point. Like all other Microgaming online casino games, you will never hit a break in the streaming or downloading. After all, if you have a serious interest in the game, then it will respond you positively by delivering suspense and thrill throughout the game.


Microgaming knows the player’s mind that is why they are integrating new features to their latest games. Untamed wolf series also got some unique and interesting features that magnetized this game. You will see four new additional features that could make you a winner if they are used wisely. Let us see the features in detail,

  • Collect a wild
  • Running wilds
  • Lucky nudge
  • Your gamble

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Collect a wild

Collect a wild is one of the most exciting features of the untamed wolf pack. If this feature is activated, when you receive a wild in a reel spin, you will also get a wild token. Collecting all the four tokens will make your reel full of wilds. You can enjoy these wilds for 4 spins.

Running wilds

If you would like to double your winning chances, you can activate this feature. When you get free spins, you will get a wild in each spin. By activating running wilds feature, you can double the wild that appears on the reel and double your chances to structure the winning patterns. Most of the top gainers in the trial period loved this feature.

Lucky nudge

If you love to get frequent free spin rounds, then we will recommend you to activate the lucky nudge feature. Amazed about its mechanism? Most of us know that three scatters will bring you a free spin. Think about a situation where you got two scatters and one is peeping out from the lower or upper end? No doubt, that it is a frustrating situation, but if you enabled the lucky nudge feature, you are no more unlucky. This wonderful feature will bring you those scatters to the position to form the key to your free spin round.

Your gamble feature

‘Do you love gambling’ is an irrelevant question to ask this time. ‘Your gamble’ feature gifts you an opportunity to gamble with your money you won while saving a specific amount you wish. You can decide how much percentage of your winning amount must go for gambling

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